Transfers in Israel

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Tips for tourists

Tips for tourists

How to get to the center of Jerusalem from Ben Gurion Airport 

If you arrived on Saturday, you cannot find public transportation because on Saturday it does not go except for a taxi, which is 20% more expensive than on a normal day. So, it's better to book a personal transfer in advance.

 Tourists come from all over the globe to rest. The holy land cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Therefore, if you are planning to visit this magnificent country, be sure to think about travel options between the airport and the city center in advance, the transfer in Israel is diverse, but it is better to choose the most comfortable options, because a flight from one point of the world to another can be exhausting.

 After all, everyone knows that the largest international airport is israel, Ben Gurion, is considered one of the safest airport in the world, where the checking process is thorough, and it may take a large amount of time since increased security and control measures have been taken here. 

Transfer in Israel 

For tourists arriving in Israel on Saturday or on religious holidays, tourists who practically or completely don’t know Hebrew, tourists who prefer to travel with heavy luggage or small children, it is most reasonable to book an individual transfer in Israel in advance. 

You will be met by a driver at the Ben Gurion airport in the arrival's hall with a nameplate, escorted to the ordered car, your luggage taken care of and driven to the specified address. It is worth a mention that each tourist can pre-select a car according to the degree of comfort and spaciousness they desire. The payment is in cash. 

Finally private transfer in Israel is very convenient and advantageous to book for large groups and companies. The fact is that the trip is cheaper and goes much faster, and in greater comfort.

If you prefer personal and quality service when traveling, then an individual transfer in Israel is what you need.